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Rainbow Resources

Along with our more than a dozen specialty services, West Bergen Mental Healthcare proudly announces the formation of Rainbow Resources.

This West Bergen service is being offered to both the public and organizations in response to a wide range of mental health questions and requests related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning issues. 

Rainbow Resources is composed of:

1-a seasoned group of West Bergen mental health professionals with extensive knowledge and experience providing mental health services and guidance to the LGBTQ community;

2-an active and dedicated Advisory Committee composed of representatives from school systems, corporations, businesses, and community organizations including LGBTQ communities.

Rainbow Resource staff are available for consultations with:

School systems
Community organizations

Rainbow Resources staff are also available for group discussions, speaker support, and community programs.
West Bergen’s Rainbow Resources offers a variety of clinical specialties with team members specifically trained to work with the LGBTQ community.    


Programmatic Services include:

LGBTQ Support Groups
Couples/relationship  Counselling
Clinical Support to families dealing with a transitioning family member
Individual psychotherapy
Family Therapy

We are also pleased to announce a support group for the high school aged LGBTQ+ community, The LGBTQ+ Support Group meets every Monday at 6:45pm at 120 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood and discussions include the process of realizing “who we are as well as how it affects ourselves, our families, and everyone in our lives”. Attendees also discuss expectations as well as coping skills and share resources and support. To sign up for the group please contact Michela Tripodi at 201-444-3550 ext. 7204.

For further information contact Jane Pollack, LCSW, Clinical Director of Outpatient Programs  at 201-444-3550, ext, 7132