About West Bergen Mental Healthcare

History and Mission

Founded in 1963 as a Child Guidance Clinic, West Bergen has grown into a comprehensive mental health center serving the residents of Bergen County and beyond.

We offer a full spectrum of critical psycho-therapeutic treatments for children, adolescents, adults and families suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, including those resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our mission is to provide hope and healing to those who struggle by providing quality, accessible and affordable mental wellness treatments and services, and continuously respond to the needs of the clients and communities we serve.

Commitment to Quality

CARF Accreditation


Adult Mental
Health Day Treatment


Adult Mental Health
Outpatient Treatment


Children and Adolescent Mental
Health Outpatient Treatment

To learn more about CARF accreditation, visit www.CARF.org

Client Satisfaction

West Bergen annually surveys clients and submits results to the Mental Health Corporation of America (MHCA). Our data is compared to agencies throughout the US treating similar populations. The MHCA has awarded West Bergen #1 in Client Satisfaction in the following categories:

Overall Mental
Health Services

Outpatient Mental
Health Services


Adult Day
Treatment Services