Anxiety Disorders

All people experience some anxiety; this is normal and expected. When anxiety becomes so intense and persistent that it disrupts daily routine, it is no longer normal and may require mental health treatment. Anxiety disorders are among the most common illnesses in America. The good news is that there is effective treatment that can relieve symptoms and help people get back to living a more normal life.

West Bergen’s specially trained clinical team, offer high-quality interventions which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Family Systems Therapy.


Signs of Anxiety Include:

  • Fear of separating from parents or significant others
  • Nighttime fears or unwillingness to sleep alone
  • School refusal
  • Intense anxiety attacks or panics
  • Fear and/or avoidance of specific animals, objects or situations
  • Anticipatory anxiety and/or avoidance of social situations
  • Performance anxiety, including fear of talking in class
  • Repetitive, compulsive, ritualized behaviors
  • Excessive worrying and ruminating (sometimes accompanied by physical complaints)
  • Anxiety in the aftermath of traumatic events

Our Services include:




Individual, Family
& Group Therapy


Social Anxiety
Group for Teens


Worry Free Middle
School Group


Medication Evaluation
and Management