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The New West Bergen Newsletter

How has COVID 19 change your life?

Within 72 hours of the stay at home orders in March, our team rapidly reengineered our
daily operations to ensure our existing outpatient and group home consumers were safe
and receiving the care they needed. We’ve also responded to the rising levels of stress and
anxiety so many in our communities are experiencing by initiating virtual outreach programs
to provide help and guidance. Here’s a snapshot of where we are today.
• We’ve rapidly moved from a “face to face” therapy model to telephone and online
counseling for our outpatient and youth groups.
• Our most vulnerable group home clients have been isolated and socially distant
while still receiving critical medication maintenance and tele-therapeutic services.
• West Bergen has launched an expedited grief counseling process for clients who
have suffered a loss due to the virus.
• A free “warmline” for frontline workers, educators and any other community
members experiencing stress, anxiety and depression is now available.
• Critical community outreach is being offered through support programs
conducted in partnership with libraries, school districts, religious organizations
and other community institutions.
None of this could have happened without your support. Countless individuals, families,
businesses, civic groups and religious institutions stepped forward to provide financial
donations, offer their time and energy as volunteers, donate masks and meals for our group
homes and send us messages of encouragement. We are incredibly grateful.
But our work has just begun. Calls to our offices have increased exsponentially, and we
expect that trend will continue. Our current resources are struggling to keep up with the
demand for necessary and immediate treatment and services. Please consider supporting
us today. Visit to make a donation today.

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