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The SOAR Summer Experience

Social Skills, Outdoor Fun, Arts & Crafts, & Relationships 


The SOAR Summer Experience for Children on the Autism Spectrum

The SOAR Experience is a 6 week Therapeutic Day Program in a “camp-like” setting for children and teens from 6-16 years of age diagnosed with Level 1 Autism and related disorders. Participants engage in a variety of fun indoor and outdoor games, science experiments, art activities, and crafts. In addition, participants go on a lake trip and a field trip each week of the program. Social Skills are infused within the program throughout the day during activities. Additionally, participants engage in a morning and afternoon social skills group, led by trained clinicians, that focus on different skills.

The SOAR Summer Experience: CIT PROGRAM

Attached to SOAR Experience, the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program offers individuals, 14-24 years of age with Level 1 Autism and related disorders, a vocational training program and actual job experience as a CIT in a “camp-like” setting. The CIT Program offers teens and young adults with the opportunity to learn and practice work-place social skills with an actual job experience that can be used for their future career endeavors.

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