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Soar is a fun summer program in New Jersey for children with Level 1 Autism

Welcome to a fun, “camp-like” experience in a therapeutic environment

Are you looking for a summer program that not only provides a fun experience for children with Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger’s Disorder) but also offers the opportunity for them to learn and practice social skills in a therapeutic environment? Look no further than West Bergen Mental Healthcare’s SOAR Summer Experience.

Program focuses on building social skills

SOAR provides children and teens from 6-17 years of age, diagnosed with Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger’s Disorder), a highly structured “camp-like” environment with therapeutic support during the summer break from school. Designed to meet the needs of individuals on the spectrum and those with related disorders, the program offers a culture of safety, respect and responsibility and fosters an environment that allows participants to be themselves while improving on challenge areas through appropriate use of social skills. The program runs from 9 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday and participants engage in a variety of fun indoor and outdoor games, science experiments, art activities, and crafts. In addition, participants go on a lake trip and a field trip each week of the program. Social Skills are infused within the program throughout the day during activities. Additionally, participants engage in a morning and afternoon social skills group, led by trained clinicians that focus on different skills.

Positive results for participants

Over the past ten summers, we have observed participants develop socially and emotionally. Participants who were known to struggle connecting with peers learned the skills to forge lasting friendships with others. Parents have provided positive feedback to our staff about their child demonstrating more confidence and satisfaction in social situations, increased use of appropriate coping skills, and demonstration of friendship building behaviors. The SOAR Experience summer program is truly a unique opportunity for your child to learn the skills needed to be successful in their social world.

Various sessions available

SOAR begins July 9 and runs through August 17 and 3 and 6 week sessions are available. If you think your child will benefit from the SOAR Summer Experience, contact Rich Miller, LPC, NCC, Director of the Social Discovery Program, at (201) 934-1160 extension 7234 or Or visit our SOAR page for an application.