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Family Services

Family and Couples Therapy

As enriching and gratifying as loving relationships or family life can be, they can also become a source of tension and stress. Sometimes these tensions are fueled by change and loss. Other times, long-standing difficulties or conflicting needs among family members can contribute to discord.  If you feel your family or relationship is not functioning the way you would hope it could and you want to resolve chronic tensions that have developed, family focused counseling or couples therapy can help. Whether you are struggling with your spouse or partner, siblings, parents, nuclear, extended, chosen or blended families, our compassionate therapists, trained to work specifically with couples and families, can help. We understand how difficult these issues can seem but our approach is to help improve communication, regain trust and strengthen the bonds that connect each to the other.

West Bergen also offers a number of Specialized Programs that specifically address issues such as Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Divorce and Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation. All our specialized counseling programs incorporate family systems and couples focused treatment techniques.

Families or couples often seek assistance for: